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Welcome to the Open Educational Resources (OER) website for the University of Arizona. Use the navigation links at left to learn about OER, find out which UA faculty are using OER, and to discover how to find, use, and create OER content for teaching. This is a collaboration of the University Libraries, Office of Instruction and Assessment, UA BookStores, Office of Digital Learning, University Information Technology Services, and Disability Resource Center.

The University of Arizona is a proud member of the Open Textbook Network, which advances the use of open textbooks in higher education.

2018 Digital Initiatives Symposium

"Overcoming Objections to OER from Faculty & Administrators" [PowerPoint slides - licensed CC BY]

2018 Open Ed Week at the UA

Creative Commons Workshop on March 29, 2018


Kickoff Event on March 26, 2018
We asked students to complete this phrase: “If I didn’t have to buy textbooks, I could ...” Some of the answers were silly, but many were poignant:

  • Eat food!!!
  • Actually pay my rent on time
  • Not work until 3 a.m. before school
  • Buy groceries & pay rent (#thestruggle)
  • Survive & buy other necessities
  • Live again & get sleep
  • FOOD!!
  • Buy a plane ticket home
  • Afford rent
  • Eat.
  • Not have debt-induced panic attacks
  • Buy groceries, rent, & gas

In the UA’s 2016 Campus Climate Survey, 29% of undergraduates said they experience food insecurity. 


Resources for 2017 Arizona Library Association Conference

March 2017 was Open Education Month at the UA

View recordings of these panels:


The ebook Open Education: International Perspectives in Higher Education is now available for free (as PDF or HTML) on the publisher's website. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0), which​ allows you to freely share, copy, distribute, and transmit the work.

Contact us for help

If you need assistance finding, using, or creating open educational resources for instruction, please contact:

Cheryl Cuillier, Open Education Librarian
University Libraries
Email: ccuillie@email.arizona.edu
Phone: 520-310-9874
Office: Main Library A324

Garry Forger
Office of Instruction and Assessment
Email: gforger@email.arizona.edu
Phone: 520-626-3918
Office: Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center 103M


For information about buying low-cost print versions of open textbooks from the UA BookStores, please contact:

Cindy Hawk, Assistant Director
UA BookStores
Email: chawk@email.arizona.edu
Phone: 520-621-2428
Office: UA BookStore, SUMC

Lynda Kelly, Buyer
UA BookStores
Email: lynda@email.arizona.edu
Phone: 520-621-8864
Office: UA BookStore, SUMC